First Strike: Classic MOD APK v4.9.0 (Unlocked Everything)

First Strike: Classic MOD APK v4.9.0 (Unlocked Everything)

First Strike MOD APK is a military action game that allows you to take the role of commander to brawl against players worldwide. Lead in strategic nuclear wars and dominate the globe.


App Name First Strike: Classic
Publisher Blindflug Studios AG
Genre Strategy
Latest Version 4.9.0
Mod Feature Unlocked Everything
Size 107MB
Update December 30, 2022

First Strike MOD APK

First Strike delivers a series of battles that keep the players engaged in nonstop action. Carrying the aim to take control of the world, engage in large-scale wars and unveil your strategic prowess to annihilate the foes. Dive into the battlefield with both an aggressive and defensive approach. This award-winning game allows the players to fight in a detailed 3D environment that will increase their interest in the game. Be a brave commander of Super Power Nuclear Country, including America or North Korea. Updated gameplay offers more brutal enemies and the finest aspects of the game.

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Nuclear Armageddon

Being a brave commander, you’ll engage in nuclear wars worldwide to defend your country. Strategic simulation holds plenty of epic scenes and jaw-dropping graphics. Always defend the interest of your nation. Life of people is more important than any other thing. Make sure that no civilians are killed in the war. Take cunning steps and destroy the enemies of peace. Fight aggressively against the threatening countries and make your way toward victory.

Mighty Nuclear Players

Choose a superpower to stand along with and brawl against its enemies. After taking charge, you must prepare lethal weapons, including atomic bombs and missiles, to launch a powerful attack. Collect a whole range of destructive weapons in your arsenal. Occupy new areas and build research centres there to strengthen your military powers. Create unique resources and equipment for better defense and attack, including Bombs, Self-defense sequences and many others. Named yourself as the most devastating military commander in history.

unlocked everything in first strike

Exciting Modes

A chaotic world is full of dangerous locations. Diversifying quests will keep your interest as it delivers unique challenges. Participate in challenging missions and win prestigious rewards. Make allies with neighbours or brawl against them to expand your territory. Play out different modes with diverse missions to kill hours on this game.

Multiplayer Action Battles

It invites all skilled players on the platform to take part in a mega show. Players from around the world will show their skills and destructive powers to get the glory. Interact with them and bring them to the chat box to share ideas and make a plan. Also, the death match will test the bravery of all the players and the last one to stand will embrace the victory.

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Key Features: First Strike

  • Iconic nuclear war games that engage millions of commanders.
  • Updated game version with new enemies and spectacular graphics.
  • Snappy gameplay with intuitive control
  • Be responsible for the safety of your people.
  • Show your cunning moves and destroy the enemy
  • Use force against foes to occupy their territory.
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Download the latest First Strike APK to show military actions in never-ending nuclear wars. Collect a massive deposit of weapons in your arsenal. Build research centres to craft equipment. Strengthen your prowess by capturing more lands. Co-op with others to fight for common benefit. Have a lot of fun.