Mega Tower MOD APK v1.6.4 (Mega Menu, Unlimited Money)

Mega Tower MOD APK v1.6.4 (Mega Menu, Unlimited Money)

Mega Tower MOD APK brings exciting adventures for the players in the outer space world. Conquer the space and develop infrastructure there.


App Name Mega Tower - Casual TD Game
Genre Arcade
Latest Version 1.6.4
Mod Feature Mega Menu, Unlimited Money
Size 112MB
Update January 3, 2023

Mega Tower MOD APK

Mega Tower is a superb TD game that allows you to fight against foreign species. Earth is no longer a fun place to live; take one step out of the earth and build a home on another planet. Embark on your adventurous journey by building shelters and developing defensive towers to protect your kingdom. This time conquer space and be the king there. A diverse enemy with a destructive mind can cause more significant damage to your kingdom, be offensive and retaliate against the hordes of the enemy. Plunge into the war spaceships to launch a robust attack on the aliens and defend your towers from being broken.

mega tower-casual td game

Strategic Role-Playing Game

The game introduces unique gameplay with a fascinating storyline. The objective is to conquer the other planets in space after being taken as the commander of a battling crew. Take your space vehicle and embark on an adventurous mission. You can take control of other worlds and build turrets around your dynasty to protect it. Go with a strategic approach and win the victory.

Enhance your Territory

Dominate other regions after beating the enemies in fierce battles. The engaging gameplay will never allow you to get bored as it delivers pretty challenging missions and different battles in a unique fantasy land. Conquer new areas and expand your territory. Explore the vast universe and wave your flag at every planet.

mega menu in mega tower

Raise Defensive Towers with Your Mates

Every tower defense game delivers a primary task to defend your castles. So far, in TD games, you’ve brawled against the enemy on Earth to save your towers. Now, this time you’ll raise and defend towers in outer space far from the earth. Assist your mates in building turrets and castles around different planets. Unleash your strategy, select an appropriate place to raise your tower and strengthen it.

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Thrilling Battles to Come

Not only your mission is to build towers. Also, you’ll battle intensely against foreign invaders from space. Forge an army and charge against the others to triumph over other lands in space. To slay monsters, you can utilize flying objects, including war spaceships, helicopters, and many other aerial vehicles. The main objective is to prevent the aliens from attacking you.

Build the Strongest Towers

The most robust tower can withstand the fierce attack of the enemy. You must prepare the strongest castles to defend well. Place turrets and titans to make a solid combative defense. Merge turrets to construct a vigorous building that can withstand attack shocks. Dive into the thrilling wars and grab the victory. Also, you can engage in stunning PvP battles to unveil your defensive powers.

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Mod Features

  • Menu Mod
  • Maximum Damage
  • Unlimited Weapons, including Ammo, bullets
  • Instant replaces
  • Never Spread
  • AI Play
  • One Hit Kill
  • Robust Attack
  • Freeze Enemy
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Immerse into the endless war fun in this superb action-packed game Mega Tower. Construct tall towers with your loyal army, explore the whole universe, fight against aliens and triumph over the outer land. Enjoy multiple levels with diverse enemies. Have fun with friends.