Privacy Policy

The administration of the site collects non-personally identifying information of our site visitors. This page features user information. Data collection aims to help spam detection and publish a report about the user’s graph. Rather than any other third-party website that is linked with your site, this privacy policy is only applied to your site users. We may check your IP Addresses, Browser types, and Emails. Our site administration never violates the confidentiality of personal information.

Information Collection

Your voluntarily provided information will facilitate your use of the site. You have the freedom to visit the site without having any account. Register first to leave a comment on our site. We collect your personal information, including your comments and even the images you upload on our site if you have an account.


Statistical reporting requires cookies that your computer stores in your hard drive for quick access. Cookies save your browsing preferences. A temporary cookie is created when you log in to the site but doesn’t contain personal data. Some other data may be discarded when you clear your browser history. While putting any comment on the site, your cookies will last for one year, but log-in cookies last for two days.

To count the visitors on our site, we use counter logs. We gather this data to provide quality service on our website by managing our pages and content in a well-defined order. Further, it assists in determining the technical capabilities of our site.