BitLife Cats – CatLife MOD APK v1.7 (Top Cat, No Ads)

BitLife Cats – CatLife MOD APK v1.7 (Top Cat, No Ads)

CatLife MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an epic simulation that explores a cat’s life. Take the role of a wild cat or be a sweet kitty.


App Name BitLife Cats - Catlife
Publisher Candywriter, LLC
Genre Simulation
Latest Version 1.7
Mod Feature Top Cat, No Ads
Size 102MB
Update December 28, 2022


BitLife Cats-CatLife is a text-based simulation that features an interactive storyline. Relaxing gameplay is quite engaging and allows the players to select various choices. Lead the life of a cat and pick among various choices. Whether you become a sweet cat or wander around like a stray cat in the town, it’s your desire. So far, you’ve played multiple role-playing games, but this one is unique and will be your favorite simulation.


Various Breeds

The game offers distinct breeds of unique cats, including Persian, Himalayans, Calico, Sphynx, and many others. During your whole journey, you’ll interact with multiple characters. Choose your way to become the best or lousy kitty in the city. Face numerous consequences during your expedition and lead a new life.

Customization and Unique Appearance

CatLife allows you to pick unique cats with cute appearances and customization features. Start your new life more excitingly. Pick your desired color and shape and make your character most stunning. Be a lovely cat that can impress others. Climb to the top of animal tables and build a great perception of cats in people’s minds.

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Distinct Habitats

The living place is quite vital for a cat. The game offers unique housing for the cats. Being a sweet cat, you can live in the household, pet stores, and other luxury places. For being an evil cat, you will shelter yourself in the streets. Meet other animals and fight against them in the town.

Innovative Selection System

The game delivers a unique and innovative selection system for the players. Lead in dramatic situations and get the best possible results from them. Be a role model for others and change the cat’s perception. Behave softly, as it affects your reputation and progress directly. Create a solid image before your neighbors.

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Text-based Gameplay

The main goal of this text-driven gameplay is to provide quality living conditions to your pet. Play tactically, as your little act can make you progress, and the wrong one can create a mess. Make the right choices and receive better care from relatives and friends. Ensure the best life for your cat. Avoid conflicts and proceed progressively.

Win prestigious rewards

The game introduces new concepts and comes up with challenging stages. Engage in fun activities and extract valuable rewards at the end. Commemorate the epic tales of your successful journey to the people. Combine exclusive ribbons and prizes and celebrate your victory.

no ads in catlife

Key Features of CatLife

  • Impressive gameplay to start your CatLife journey.
  • Superb game features plenty of choices
  • Become the coolest cat around the world and witness unexpected choices
  • Your choice will decide your fate in the game, so pick your stunning appearance
  • Get a special kitty in your life
  • Be the scent collector and work through different scenarios.
  • Meet other creatures, share your kitties with mates, and get positive outcomes from all possibilities.
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Mod Features

  • Unlocked Top Cat
  • Use Time Machine

Wrap Up

Download the latest CatLife APK to enjoy the cat’s life journey with endless possibilities. Wander around the streets with other animals or live luxury life in a house. Make the right choice at the right time and have fun.