Disassembly 3D MOD APK v2.7.3 (Unlocked)

Disassembly 3D MOD APK v2.7.3 (Unlocked)

Disassembly 3D MOD APK is a fun game where you deeply explore different objects by tearing them apart. Utilize different equipment to dismantle unique brands of cars.


App Name Disassembly 3D
Publisher Khor Chin Heong
Genre Simulation
Latest Version 2.7.3
Mod Feature Unlocked
Size 931MB
Update January 9, 2023

Disassembly 3D MOD APK

Are you keen on exploring the inner details of various objects? Try Disassembly 3D to get an exhaustive list of objects to disassemble. Its 3D visuals allow you to inspect objects from every angle. Grab your tools and start opening the things. Bring massive destruction to your storeroom items and break them in a fun way. Check what’s inside it. Realistic disassembly physics makes this game more attractive. To destroy your electronic devices or furniture, utilize different tools, including shooting guns, hammers and many others. In addition, you can refurnish different items and make them able to use again.

disassembly 3d

Superb Gaming Experience

Entertaining gameplay offers quite fascinating levels and fun activities to do in the game. You can drive cars, helicopters, tanks, and many others. Go on an underwater journey and dive into a submarine. Also, enjoy cooking and making delicious dishes. Explore all levels in the game and have fun.

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What to do in the game?

Dive into the endless fun and do a lot of engaging activities, including breaking, assembling, driving, cooking and many others. Fight against the rascals. Smash furniture, electronic appliances, and buildings. Enjoy sandbox mode, where you have the freedom to destroy anything you desire. The game presents a realistic view of damaged objects, making this game more attractive. Shoot items and check the slow-motion view of the fired bullet.

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What can you Break in the Game?

Explore a complete list of items that you can break and destroy. If we talk about electronic appliances and daily life use items, you can have lamps, speakers, knives, microscopes and many other items to destroy. The home appliances list includes a chair, sink, blender, hard disk, rice cooker, and toaster. Also, vehicles include bicycles, cars, tanks, airplanes, trains, etc. While other things include a toaster, coffee grinder, telescope, flashlight, drone, controller, toothbrush, fighter jet, claw machine, computer, DVD player, toilet, hoverboard and Tv.

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What do we need to break the items?

You must grab different tools to destroy the items. Like you can have a classic bomb rocket launcher. Mannequin, assault rifle, shotgun, part finder, C4 explosive, grenade, handgun, and X-ray glasses.

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Wrap Up

Download the latest Disassembly 3D and start breaking items. Release your frustration in a fun way. Dismantle items and uniquely reunite them. Have fun.